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Stephen Brosseau

Novag Robot Adversary Chess Machine
It's Alive!
~ During the initial development of the Novag Robot Adversary chess machine we used stepping motors to drive the arm's shoulder and elbow movement.  But, to save costs, in the production model we switched to analog DC motors.  The switch in drive motors had an unexpected benefit -- instead of the previous jerky and mechanical movement one associates with a robot, now the arm moved fluidly and with a strangely lifelike grace.
Mt Thoro summit weather station & helicopter (photo: Steve Brosseau)
Far From Any Possible Madding Crowd
~ Installing a weather station on top of Alaska's 5,629 foot Mount Thoro, I am struck by the majestic beauty of the surrounding peaks of the Alaskan Range, the awesome presence of the 20,320 foot Denali just to the west, and the profound silence of this place.  But after working at minus 12 degrees for nine hours, nothing sounds better than a bowl of hot clam chowder.